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When it comes to metal fabrication, laser cut is the most basic and also widely used process in the industry. Laser cutting is the go-to technology and process used for cutting services in Singapore due to its many advantages.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser to cut different materials such as acrylic and wood,  in both industrial and artistic applications. 

Laser cutting uses a high-power laser directed through optics and computer numerical control (CNC) to direct the beam on a material. Usually, the process makes use of a motion control system to follow the CNC pattern that is to be cut onto the material. From there, the focused laser beam burns, melts, vapourises, or is blown away by a jet of gas, such as oxygen or carbon dioxide. The end-product is a high-quality surface finished edge.

Back in 1967, laser cutting was already a versatile and efficient way to fabricate sheet metal. Through the years, with technological advancements, laser cutting is now suitable for other materials such as acrylic and wood; it is still one of the most cost-effective and precise methods of cutting. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose laser cutting for your next project.

Benefits of laser cutting

1. Cost efficiency

Unlike many other manufacturing processes that are determined by labour, operation, and machine costs, laser cutting relies on CNC and is a highly automated process. This reduces the labour costs as compared to using hand-operated machines. 

Instead of buying a laser cutting machine for your projects, you can choose to outsource them and significantly mitigate the costs. It is also recommended to get bigger or more pieces done to ensure that the entire laser cut process is cost-effective. 

2. High precision 

Precision and accuracy are some of the best advantages laser cutting has over other methods. Whether it is cutting wood or acrylic, a laser cutter is able to make extremely accurate cuts, resulting in a smooth and clean finished product. Furthermore, you can also cut out smaller designs with a laser cutter, allowing you to get more products out of a single piece of material.

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Unlike manual cutting, laser cutting allows you to adjust the intensity ratios and speed of the cut, thus you will get the same, accurate results across all end-products.

3. Energy-efficient and waste-free

A laser can move as quickly as 20”-70” per minute on average, and as a result of its high speed, laser cutters are usually energy-efficient. 

Laser cutting also does not require a border around the area to be cut, thus the cutting process can be set up to cut one piece out after the other. This results in lesser waste or scrap materials in the process.


Last but not least, one of the most important advantages of laser cutting is its versatility. From wood cutting to acrylic, and even different metals, laser cutting is suitable for them all. The machine can be configured to perform different jobs such as wood cutting services, or engraving on an acrylic piece. 

Despite its advantages and essentiality in almost every industry, laser cutting also has its disadvantages. These include the need for expertise as well as limitations to material thickness. As mentioned earlier, an engineer or specialist operator is needed to maximise the potential of laser cutting. Thus, if you are considering purchasing a laser cutter for your projects, you’ll need to also hire an experienced engineer, resulting in an increase in expenditure as compared to outsourcing the cutting processes. 

Some laser cutters are also unsuitable for cutting through very thick plates. The suitable thickness usually depends on the available machinery, as well as the expertise of the engineer. Hence we recommend that you consult a reliable CNC cutting service in Singapore concerning your projects, before going ahead with the cutting process. 

In conclusion, laser cutting is ideal for any project of various materials, as well as intricate designs. If you’re still not sure about laser cutting, you can always connect with the experts at Cutting Edge Singapore to discuss if this method of cutting is right for your project.

Whether it is metal, wood, or acrylic products, our engineers at Cutting Edge have the experience and expertise to help you with any CNC or laser cutting. Let us help you put your designs a cut above the rest, reach out to us today to find out more.

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