Acoustic Panels Singapore

The memorable performances and immersive sound experienced in a concert hall or movie theatre are made possible with acoustic panels, placed strategically to enhance the acoustic design of the room. Acoustic panels provide acoustical absorption, thus, adjusting music and speech to perfect quality.  

Besides refining sounds in large theatres, acoustic panels also work for smaller home theatres, removing excessive reverb and allowing listeners to appreciate sound at a similar quality as that experienced in concert halls. Some might also choose to install acoustic panels at home to mute the noise of neighbours and focus better as they work.

Whether to increase sound quality at home or block out surrounding noise, acoustically treating a room is now easier, more affordable, and more aesthetically pleasing. We share all you need to know about acoustic panels to help you create an ideal sound environment for your home in Singapore!

Acoustic Panels in Home

What are acoustic panels? 

Acoustic panels have a sound-insulating core material like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or mineral wool inside a wooden frame that is then covered in porous fabric. They are designed to trap soundwaves and control reverberations in an enclosed area. For instance, at Cutting Edge, our acoustic panels are designed with materials like fibreglass, cellulose, and open-cell foams, placed between two wooden panels. 

Acoustic Panels Designs

In indoor environments, especially large spaces, soundwaves will bounce off solid surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, to create echoes and increase overall volume.

With acoustic panels, the sound penetrates the porous outer layer and reaches the core material, which absorbs the noise by converting the soundwaves into vibrations. As a result, background noises are reduced.

Acoustic panels are often mistaken for soundproofing. Soundproofing refers to the acoustic sealing of a room to keep sound from entering or leaving the area. However, the practice of soundproofing does not improve sound quality within your space, neither is it cost-effective. The ideal solution to your problem is to achieve sound absorption instead of soundproofing. Hence, many spaces like recording studios, concert halls, and churches opt to install acoustical surfaces such as wall panels. 

Acoustic Panels for  Concert Halls

Benefits of Acoustic Panels

Here are three benefits of installing an acoustic panel for your home or workspace. 

1. Better entertainment

Should you be looking for a movie experience that’s comparable to that of a theatre without spending an exorbitant amount, an acoustic wall panel is what you need. Acoustic panels work best with other solutions such as bass traps, as well as when designed with special features such as a bevelled edge which improves the diffusion of sound.

2. Increased privacy 

Whether in the office or at home, you may not want others listening in on your talks. As sounds bounce off hard surfaces and travel around a room, the echoes of conversations are carried further with regular tiled or glass wall and door designs. Instead, the acoustic panels absorb sound and help maintain confidentiality and privacy.

3. More comfort

Having unwanted noise in your home can be distracting and result in severe consequences especially when you need to get work done. Thus, by muting sounds, acoustic panels provide more comfort to your head and ear. 

Furthermore, high noise levels have been linked to lower productivity as a result of increased risk of distractions. Improving the acoustics of your workspace makes it easier for you to concentrate, make and receive phone calls, as well as hold conversations without any distractions or interruptions. 

Acoustic Panels Designs By Cutting Edge

Depending on the unique challenges your home or workspace may pose, planning and evaluating the space for an acoustic wall panel installation often requires the help of professionals. 

Professional-grade acoustic wall panels and ceilings not only create an ideal sound experience, they also blend seamlessly with your existing interior and enhance your interior design.

Our professional-grade and well-designed acoustic panels are music to your ears. Reach out to us today to find out about our rates and how we can help you. 

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